Episode 83 – Patent Law and Psychedelics

Patent law is not front of mind for most people with an interest in psychedelics it is an important story to follow. Just like cannabis before it or pharmaceuticals like painkillers and insulin, companies are looking to patent not only psychedelic molecules but peripheral technologies like delivery methods and in some extreme cases therapy protocols too. Graham Pechenik is a registered patent attorney and founder of Calyx Law, a firm specializing in patents in the cannabis and now psychedelic field. He explains how the patent process works, why it’s in place, and how the world of pharmaceutical patenting resembles the psychedelic one. He also points out some of the potential abuses of the process and the ways some are pushing back. Follow Graham on Twitter @calyxlaw to keep up with this quick moving and important area of the psychedelic movement.

A great overview of the topic can be found here by former guest and premier reporter on the psychedelic beat Shayla Love – Psychedelic Patents are Broken Because the Patent System Is Broken

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